What the hell happened to April???

Driving home on Sunday evening we used the M1 for the first time in years. The going was smooth and fine until we get pulled over by the police. So we sit there, on the hard shoulder while the policeman approaches us, and neither of us have an inkling as to why this is happening. I wind my window down, put on my best smile and presumably manage an expression of stunned confusion when we’re informed that the car has not got a valid MOT certificate. I automatically respond with certainty that it does and am backed up completely by my wife. April is when we have it done and this April was no exception. Needless to say, I end up in the back of the police car as they show me their computer records stating otherwise and issuing me with a ticket.
Throughout the experience, both officers were pleasant and friendly and I was completely at ease knowing that I was in the right and that their computer was wrong. We go on our merry way, get home, put the boy to bed, then proceed to dissect the filing cabinet in search of the MOT certificate we knew for certain was in there. However, there was no sign of it. This was not totally unexpected because we never seem to find the paperwork we want when we need it.
The following morning, I check my bank statements and, strangely, there is no sign of any payments for MOT based purchases in the time period I would expect to see it. I resort to phoning the garage where we had it done and they claim it never happened and they hadn’t seen the car since last year. With the theme of the Twilight Zone going through my head, I book the car in for an MOT the following day. It passed, thankfully.
I now feel like I’ve had it MOT’ed twice this year. Had my wife not been so adamant that we had done it, I would put it down to me losing track of time, but the fact that the both of us completely believed we had had it done this year is really odd.
What the hell happened to April???
I now have a reminder on my keyring for next year…


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