Book Tags – Intergalactic

Been watching a lot of vloggers banging on about books. Not quite ready to do my own vlog yet, but fancied having a go at some of the tags they did.

Here’s my Intergalactic book tag…

Q: Space: Name a book that is out of this world – that takes place in a world different from our own.
A: I would normally pick a book from the Discworld series, but, although you can’t get a more different planet than a magic-run disc sitting on the shoulders of four elephants who in turn stand upon the shell of a giant space-faring whale, the ‘world’ itself is remarkably similar to our own. So, with that out of the way, I’d pick , the first book of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. Pern is an Earthlike planet that’s settled by humans sometime in the future where civilization has regressed to feudal times. Oh, and every 250 years or so, it rains voracious parasitic creatures and kill and consume anything remotely organic. It’s not all bad though because the people happen to have real flying, fire-breathing dragons with which to stop the Thread before it hits the ground.

Q: Black Hole: Name a book that completely sucked you in.
A: Everything from the unusual cover (which includes the murder victim, if you can spot him), to the fully engrossing story about conspiracy, revolution and teleportation.

Q: Lightspeed: Name a book you are anticipating so much that you wish you could travel at lightspeed to get to it.
A: Babylon’s Ashes, the sixth book in the top-notch Expanse series by James S. A. Corey, not long to wait now…

Q: Nebula: Name a book with a beautiful cover.
A: Any of the covers from the Tale of the Ketty Jay series by Chris Wooding. I mean, just look:

Q: Multiverse: Name a companion set or spinoff series you love.
A: The Galactic Milieu series by Julian May. Four excellent books chronicalling the galactic-spanning revolt only alluded to in the Saga of the Exiles series.

Q: Gravity: Name your favorite romantic pairing that seems to have gravitational pull to each other.
A: I’d have to say Anguar and Carrot from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Q: The Big Bang: Name the book that got you started on reading.
A: Probably by Dick King-Smith. A gentle tale of a super-sized mouse outperforming his siblings, before taking on a cat, a van and a rat-catcher.

Q: Asteroid: Name a short story or novella that you love.
A: A Study In Emerald by Neil Gaimon from . Just. Plain. Good. Go read it!

Q: Galaxy: Name a book with multiple POVs.
A: , book 2 of the Expanse series by James S. A. Corey. It follows a good handful of people as the solar system changes forever…again.

Q: Spaceship: Name a book title that would be a great name for a spaceship.

There you have it, my second tag attempt. Hope you liked it. Do please comment below your thoughts. If you want to give this tag a go, I tag YOU!


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