Book Tag – Totally Should’ve

Been watching a lot of booktube vloggers banging on about books. Not quite ready to do my own vlog yet, but fancied having a go at some of the tags they did.

Here’s my Totally Should’ve book tag…

Q1: Totally should’ve gotten a sequel
A1: by Malcolm Edwards and Robert Holdstock. I would love another scrap-bookesque tome following another lucky couple as they visit some new sights of the universe. With a new generation of artists and book-making techniques, this would be a thing of beauty.

Q2: Totally should’ve had a spin off series
A2: Samandra Bree and the Century Knights from Chris Wooding’s excellent Ketty Jay series. Though only appearing from time to time throughout the 4 book series, Samandra Bree and the rest of the Century Knights are really interesting characters I think fully deserve their own stories. Here she is on the cover of the second book of the series along with fellow Century Knight Colden Grudge:

Q3: An author who totally should write more books
A3: This is a toughy as most of the authors I love are either already busily churning out books or have died. If only there was a hidden trove of unpublished Discworld novels Terry Pratchett had squirrelled away somewhere…

Q4: A character who totally should’ve ended up with someone else
A4: Never been a problem, I clearly don’t read those kind of books. Or care.

Q5: Totally should’ve ended differently
A5: book 6 of the Grant County series by Karen Slaughter. Okay, there is the Reichenbach Falls decision an author makes from time to time (until they negate it later) and that’s fine. Kill ’em off, retire ’em, send them to prison/alternative reality/elsewhere. Makes sense. You’ve told their tale and want to move on thank you very much. It was bad enough the book read like moving through thick treacle, but blowing up the lead literally on the final page of the book was just dumb. It was: Here’s the plot, let’s go through it but take at least 200 pages more than necessary and really drag it out. Plot is resolved. Here’s the epilogue: It’s later. Life is back to normal. Issues resolved. I don’t want to write about this character anymore. Boom…he’s dead. The End.
Erm…what? Was that really necessary?

Q6: Totally should’ve had a movie franchise
A6: by Alex Scarrow. Each book is fairly episodal in nature with a running theme to carry between movies. This could be a TV series, but 90-120 minutes should be sufficient for each book.

Q7: Totally should’ve had a TV show
A7: The Galactic Milieu series by Julian May. Both (think Terra Nova meets Falling Skies meets Game Of Thrones meets Heroes) and the Galactic Rebellion (Family Saga with mental powers). Possibly even shown in parallel to each other… Do not make these into a movie, there’s too much in each book to make it work even as a movie a book.

Q8: Totally should’ve had only one point of view
A8: Nothing comes to mind here. Certainly there are some books where I’m getting into the flow and then it’s end of chapter, next character and I’m left on a cliffhanger regarding what’s happening while reading about someone somewhere else, but I know I’ll be back to that character soon enough.

Q9: Totally should have a cover change
A9: Another tough one, this really depends on what edition you manage to get hold of and the awareness of whether or not that is the only cover on offer. A lot of the old sci-fi covers are either nonsensical, irrelevant to the book or god awful. Check these WFT/Why bother covers out:
, ,

Q10: Totally should’ve kept the original covers
A10: The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Okay, I can just about cope with the change of illustrator halfway through the series. When your cover illustrator dies, there’s little alternative. Paul Kidby did a great job finishing off the series though. But I loved Josh Kirby’s original covers () with characters and scenes from the book that, as you progressed through the story, you were able to identify more of what’s going on there. I’ve loathed every reiteration of the covers, from the stylised black covers with an object or two hinting at the story (these should have been wall calendars and nothing more), the horrible fabric hard covered books that look like they’ve been vomited by some art student and the rerelease of the Josh Kirby’s originals but with it zoomed in on one area for some reason.
Obviously I’m talking about the UK editions here.
I would also add any book that’s made it onto a screen. Suddenly it’s not a cover but a movie poster. Due to the changes that invariably happen between book form and motion picture form, the book now sports a cover boasting a poster for something that’s not entirely found in the book.

Q11: Totally should’ve stopped at book one
A11: by Suzanne Collins. Not a bad trilogy as a whole, but the first book is by far the best of the bunch. Catching fire’s a rehash of the Hunger Games and Mockingjay’s a bit of a mess that took 2 movies to fix.

There you have it, my fourth tag attempt. Hope you liked it. Do please comment below your thoughts. If you want to give this tag a go, I tag YOU!
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