Book Tags – The Expanse

Now it’s time for a book tag I created with Sabrina (click the link to see her answers on her youtube channel).
In celebration of the airing of the second series of the most excellent Expanse series, we though we’d do a tag based on the main characters from the books (the first six as number 7 isn’t out yet). These are my answers:

James Holden
Reluctant hero and leader, the more he shuns responsibility, the more he ends up having. He’s best known for telling the unshielded truth resulting in minor things like wars starting.
Q1 Pick a book with hard-hitting truths.
Written 20 years ago, this satirical look at society and the environment is perhaps even more relevant today and pulls no punches.

Naomi Nagata
This overlooked lady happens to be far more resourceful with unseen skills and knowledge than most people in her position would be expected to have. What do we really know about her?
Q2 Pick a book full of secrets.
A2 It’s all about finding Easter Eggs and one of the supporting characters isn’t who they appear to be.

Alex Kamal
He is one hell of a pilot. In times of trouble you need someone like him to drive you out of it.
Q3 Pick a book you always turn to, or rely on.
A3 Regular readers of my book tags should not be surprised to see
It’s a reliable happy place for me. Human private eye gets summoned by an alien government to solve a mystery for them, only by the time he gets there, the aliens have been murdered and he doesn’t even know what the mystery is.

Amos Burton
A man whose mysterious past is very welcome to remain hidden. Do not get on the wrong side of this psychopath.
Q4 Pick a book that took you somewhere you didn’t want to go, or made you uncomfortable.
A big deviance from his usual works, this certainly took me places I’m in no hurry to go back to. A chess tournament with mystery, murder and cheating.

Detective Josephus Miller
Corrupt and drunken cop. A joke to his peers. The saviour of planet Earth.
Q5 Pick an overlooked book you enjoy.
A5 I’m still not hearing enough noise about the absolutely excellent series. Spread the word! Three children are saved from the brink of death by a time-traveller, their new job: to travel in time correcting it when other abusers of time muck it up.

Bobbie Draper
This kick-ass soldier isn’t even mentioned or hinted at in book one. How did we get by without her?
Q6 Pick a sequel or additional book to a series that you love more than the original.
A6 As much as I enjoy the Saga of the Exiles series, I think I do prefer the follow-up with the kick-off to the Galactic Milieu. As mankind reaches a new level of evolution in mental powers, an alien alliance places humanity in probation to see if they are suitable for joining them. Not the best time for a rebellion…

Fred Johnson
Meeting a man they call the Butcher of Anderson Station and the head of the OPA might be a bit daunting for most.
Q7 Pick an intimidating book you grew to love.
A7 I’m going to pick for this one. When I picked it up, I had no idea what it was going to be like. The cover’s the sort usually associated with high-brow sci-fi, which this book is but it does focus more on the characters. Watch the show or read the books. Better yet, do both.

Crisjen Avasarala
She may be one of the most powerful people in the Solar System, but would you introduce her to your mum with that foul mouth of hers?
Q7 Pick a book you wouldn’t share with your mum (or dad, sibling, goldfish, etc)!
A7 I don’t generally read those sorts of books but I suppose I wouldn’t have shared with my mum, not that she would have read it anyway.

Shed Garvey
A medic with an interesting past, he’s going to go far…
Q8 Pick a book that was over far too quickly (actually or relatively).
I could happily have stayed on Pyrrhus with Jason dinAlt, Meta and Kerk much longer before going to the less interesting planets in the later books.

Julie Andromeda Mao
Rich girl with daddy issues. Goes missing. Miller gets a bit obsessive in finding her.
Q9 Pick a book that you can’t stop thinking about or are obsessive over.
A9 I suppose is the book that I quote the most, particularly regarding: Thursday, lunchtime, pain, life, 42, dressing gowns, yellow, bypasses, beware of the leopard, sofas, planet-sized brains, bulldozers, poetry, mice, towels…GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY that’s just some of them! I need help!

Clarissa Melpomene Mao
An enhanced human dedicated to destroying James Holden. Nothing can stop her. She will never be swayed from her vengeance. Oh, okay.
Q10 Pick a book that ended very differently to how you expected it to.
A10 Literally just finished . Two twists I didn’t see coming right at the end. Also certain newly introduced characters I thought would play a significant part quickly ended up dead or didn’t join the group. That ending though!

I hope you enjoyed that!
Feel free to give this tag a bash of your own.


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