Ten things I’d like to see in an upcoming No Man’s Sky update

So far this game is excellent. The occasional updates are so worthwhile too. Knowing that Hello Games are continuing to improve and tinker, here are 10 things I would like to see implemented in a future update:

1. Space whales.
Make this a thing.

2. Predatory birds.
Death from the skies.

3. Carnivores eating their prey rather than going on asshole killing sprees.
Nuff said.

4. Carnivorous plants.
No I’m not taking about the whips. Sean Murray even mentioned about a plant that grabbed birds from the sky…

5. Butterfly nets and everything that entails.
Bugs are a rare find and are indestructible. Let us catch them and then impale their exotic bodies on cork boards…

6. Temperature-based chemical states
e.g. slippery ice: permanent on cold planets, forms at night time on planets where it’s cold at night, needs breaking through to access/escape water. Resources may even look different depending on temperature.

7. Deeper oceans
This would include underwater base-building options, submarines and bigger/more plentiful aquatic animals

8. A topographical scanner
Handy for locating geographical places of interest such as bodies of deep water, caves, volcanoes, etc.

9. Tractor beams
For carrying crashed ships or exocraft.

10. Multiple Bases
These can also be warped between.
On the subject of the warp gate, where you get the destination choices could we have more information about each destination rather than warping and then going ‘Nope, that wasn’t the one I wanted’?

Not fussed about the multi-player but I know that would make people more interested.

Which of these did you agree with?


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