Top Ten Best Board Games

Over on Board Games in Bedford I have played dozens of games and own a goodly chunk number of them.
I enjoyed most of them and am keen to play them again and again, but if I had to pick only ten games, here are my ten most preferred games to play:

10. Seven Wonders

I’ve only played this a couple of times and I don’t even own it. This strategic drafting game has a lot going on in it so it’s never dull, which for a seven-player game says a lot. It looks great, it’s easy to learn but rewarding to master.

9. McMulti

Who know buying and selling oil would be so engrossing? Ever since I first played this economic game it has stuck with me. Fortunately I was able to acquire my very own copy. The only downside is it’s 4-player limit.

8. Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space

Picked this beauty up because it looked a bit different. I wasn’t prepared for how stressful it could be.
This axe-murderer in a dark room style game can keep 8 players perched on the edge of their seats.

7. Five Tribes

‘Oh look, a Days of Wonder game, this must be good.’ I thought when I picked up a copy. I was right. Meeple manipulations with multiple effects makes this an engrossing game…once you’ve gotten the hang of ALL the things that go on. Despite that, this is a really easy one to get the hang of. Shame it’s limited to 4 players, but kudos for developing 2-player rules.

6. Cosmic Encounters

‘Must…get…expansions!’ Starting as a five-player game, this game of combat and diplomacy can seat as many as eight…once the expansions have been collected. With so many aliens to play as, this is a game that will never be played the same way twice and is always interesting. So glad I picked it up after months of looking at it and going ‘Hmmmm…’

5. Dominion

A card building game…no, scratch that. The card building game. Have cards, use them to get more cards. Sounds easy… I don’t have this one…there’s just so many expansions!!!

4. Tiny Epic Galaxies

‘Look at that little box! What kind of filler game is it?’ ‘This? Why, this is no mere filler game!’ Despite it’s tiny stature, this game is Epic in size as four players compete to build the largest empire. There’s even a single-player mode. I just had to pick this up.

3. Takenoko

This game has a cute little plastic panda in it…that you’ll grow to hate! 4 players compete to build a communal garden and try to score by growing bamboo while other players score by feeding it to the panda.
It’s also a good one for the kids.

2. Small World

Another game that suffers from an excess of expansions…that I mostly have Muh hah haa!. 2-6 players compete with their tribes of powered races with additional random powers over a board that just doesn’t have enough space on it. With a different board depending on the number of players and a fixed number of turns, this game has so much going for it.

1. StarCraft: The Board Game

If you have the better part of 3 hours to play a single game, this 2-6-player game of conquest is mighty. A faithful reworking of the original computer game that’s just epic. Yes, it suffers from down-time if you’re not involved in the current skirmish but that time can be spent playing with your awesome miniatures featuring almost every single unit from the game. Anyone got the Brood War expansion? ‘Cos I need it!!!

There are a loads that didn’t make the list but all rank at =11 having just skipped out on 10th place by a meeple’s hairsbredth. All, that is, apart from those that’ll feature on my Worst 10 Board Games, when I get around to doing one. There’s currently not enough games I’ve played that I despise enough to put on such a list. At the time of this publication, I can get to about 5 but am not exactly in a hurry to fully populate it.

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